Investments and advisory


Moving around in entrepreneurial contexts, Creality sometimes makes angel investments in smaller entrepreneurial companies in promising industries.

We contribute not only through the actual investment, but also through partcipation in Advisory Board, board work or consultancy.

Areas of work are mainly strategy, marketing and business development, but we also contribute in operational work, getting the job done :-) 

Bigger and smaller questions or projects, all in the common aim to improve the company's growth, competitiveness and success. 

Our main areas of expertise and experience, see the page Business consulting and Advisory.

Companies where we are engaged today


Our main engagement is our fully owned business within Dezall.

Dezall's main business today is sales of ceiling cups, cords and lighting components to design lamp manufacturers. 

We also sell ceiling cups and pendant textile cords to retail lighting shops and through our online shop


This exciting company is growing and delivering locally produced greens to Supermarkets all over Sweden.

The greens are grown vertically on racks inside in ideal environments, 99% less water, land use, no risk of effects by bad weather, and the greens can be harvested all year round. Since they are locally produced, there is no need for transport from overseas countries, again saving the environment.

The company is growing at tremendous speed, they are currently finishing their first 7000m2 factory, having a current salad production of 40 bags per minute, now sold in over 60 supermarkets in Sweden.


Tebrito is an insect farmer where protein from insects (mealworms) is extracted and sold as a replacement of traditional protein sources.  Production of insect protein compared to e.g. beef protein requires 99,9% less water, 95% less land use, 61% less energy and decreases greenhouse gas emissions by 94%.

Sourcing is circular and is based on residuals from the beer industry, paper industry, food waste, etc.

The market for insects is exploding, as the lack of protein for our growing world population needs to be addressed. In addition, the global climate crisis doesn't support the traditional protein sources.

Tebrito's 3 main product segments are within Plant nutrition (bio stimulation), Animal feed (fish, pets, poultry, etc.), and also Human nutrition; a protein ingredient in food such as bread, protein bars, flexitarian food, processed meat, etc. and also the niche segment "gourmet food". 

Tebrito has demonstrated a cutting edge insect protein extraction and is currently in an industrialization phase, building for large volumes. 

Marine Charging Point

The shift away from fossil fuelled cars and trucks towards Electrical Vehicles is a thriving and important business, and a prerequisite for such a shift is to provide access to a convenient, efficient and safe way of charging the vehicle. To also enable charging on ferries is a sought after consumer service which will make a difference in the transport experience for many Electric car and truck owners.
Marine Charging Point is in the lead of this journey, offering safe and efficient
EV charging solutions for shipyards and ferry operators worldwide. 


We all understand the wellbeing benefits of going to the gym. Our body gets strong, supple, we feel good and results can be seen. Training the brain can be done in many different ways, by relaxation, meditation, studies, therapy and many other techniques, but results are more difficult to measure.
Mentalytics offers a gym for the using brain more efficiently, how to reach and to sustain focus. This is done through a focus training program, using  EEG in combination with a software training game package. The success of the game is based on how focused the person is, which is measured through a specifically designed EEG headband. The more the person trains, the better the focus score. This methodology is efficiently
being implemented in the manufacturing industry, especially in assembly lines, where human error
resulting from lack of focus is both a costly and easily measured KPI. Projects show that human
errors have decreased with as much as 35% as a result of the training.  

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