Business consulting


What we do.

We help companies to strengthen their competetiveness. We deliver projects aimed at making the business more efficient, both through business development, marketing, strategy, sales, organizational and process development, but also through ”management for hire”.

Creality also makes angel investments in smaller entrepreneurial companies in promising industries. We then contribute through partcipation in Advisory Board or board work with bigger or smaller questions in the aim to improve the company's competitiveness and success. 

Our client.

Creality addresses clients within a multitude of industries and countries who have recognized a need to develop their business. It may be to create a market plan for a new service or product to be launched, it may be to develop an offering that will attract a certain customer segment, to develop a business model which will work in a growing complexity of partners, or it may be to realize a long term strategy.


Our objective.

Our objective is to help our client company to reach new insights, to create new plans, or to practically get something in place.

Your company may have a need to address a problem in a new way to be able to see your opportunities. Or you may not have the capability to realize something at the time you need (lack of resources or the right competence).

We would be glad to assist!


Our experience.

We have worked with larger and smaller companies, locally from within the client's organization on highly competitive markets worldwide (Sweden, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia).


We are as accustomed to managing strategic challenges as to leading processes on an operational level.


We are skilled in communication, clarity, creativity, working with a practical and realistic vision, and we have a long experience with fast moving consumer services as well as rather complex products. Our field has mainly been in startups in various industries (mainly physical products), Telecom/IT, Media and interior decoration products.

Our competence areas.

Business development

  • Business strategies - definition and execution
  • Market planning - strategic and operational
  • Business modelling and partner set-ups
  • Channel development and Key account sales
  • Build new business areas and build-up of start-up companies
  • Business process development and organizational implementation
  • Plannig and realization of large change programs


  • Identify and realize business opportunities
  • Strategic and tactical marketing

  • Go-to-market projects - definition and execution

  • Service planning/development from a market and user perspective

  • Market communication, branding and practical market launch

  • Market planning - strategic and operational

Our consultant profiles.


We are passionate about developing a company's business and to create customer value, with the characteristics of strong results orientation, initiative, team work and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our consultants speak fluent Swedish, English and French.

Type of assignments.


Creality can undertake shorter or longer assignments, in large or small companies, in Sweden or abroad, in mature or developing markets. Our driving force is to work with companies, industries and cultures in development.


More information.

For more information, please contact us!