Creating a new reality


At Creality, we are passionate about business.

Our consulting and advisory clients range from small entrepreneurs, established multi-million-dollar companies, start-ups within exciting new industries as well as designers who want to build, produce and launch different interior design products. 

In addition, we have created and built and constantly develop our own interior design company, Dezall.


Karin Ljungren 

CEO, Business advisor,



Creality AB was founded in 2007 by Karin Ljungren, business consultant, board member and entrepreneur. Our focus is evolving with time, a mix of business consulting, design, creating businesses, angel investments and board work. Managing growth within our own product company as well as advising other entrepreneurs or established companies is what keeps us on edge and with a never ending energy and strive for development.

We work within three main areas,

  1. Business consulting; strategy, business planning, marketing planning, go-to-market activities, etc.

  2. Investments and advisory; Angel investments in exciting startups, advisory to entrepreneurs and startup companies, board work, as well as design realization.

  3. Driving design and growth within Dezall, our interior design company, focusing on lighting.


Karin Ljungren has an MBA from the school of international business and commercial law in Gothenburg, Sweden and a background as a business consultant where she has helped mobile operators, media companies as well as numerous entrepreneurs and start-up companies to build a viable business while managing and realize their market related and strategic challenges. With a long experience as a business/management consultant as well as a past within the Ericsson group, she has worked in many different roles worldwide, both in start-up companies, larger business areas, local market companies and local mobile operators on all continents and in several intrapreneur companies within the Ericsson group. She has held roles as manager of strategy, marketing manager, strategic sales, as well as driver of a number of large change and market launch projects. In the last 14 years, she has also built Dezall, an interior design and lighting company as well as working as a business angel.


As with all companies, most activities and hard work are done behind the scenes, here are however some of our latest highlights!

8  January 2021


Dezall's product range as subcontractor of lighting components has expanded even further. The current production of cordsets, steel frames, lamp holders, textile cord, etc. now delivers over 60 products to European lighting design companies. More to come!

11 November 2020


Creality has recently started a collaboration with an exciting start-up, Tebrito.  Tebrito's mission is to address the worldwide protein challenge by producing and delivering protein rich mealworms to both the animal feed industry, the food processing industry, and also plant nutrition products to the garden and agrigulture industry. Their unique extraction process can provide an up to 88% protein rich  concentrate  with 94-99% less water consumption, land use and greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time taking care of residuals such as food waste, slam from the paper industry, malt residuals, etc.
A really exciting circular economy with great growth and profitability potential.